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Custom Solutions

Using state of the art technologies for project developments, and unit test, documentation & bug fixes. Fulfillment of client requirement analysis, presentation of the best solution options. Providing post development support, in-time response for possible issues.

Creative Services

Analysis of customer data, planning & management of the processes. Data conversion from legacy system to new system using SQL scripts. Preparing & presenting reconciliation report upon data conversion delivery.


We need to brainstorm on 2 areas about training. They are applicable for any kind of training. Once we agree on what we want to offer, we can add the content here:

  1. Type
    1. Generic: We are not ready for this: We need to build curriculum, exercises, etc., this is a service we will continue working on as a future offering
    2. Custom: We should be able to do this now, this can be offered as service offering by itself or will be offered as a solution to a requirement.