Custom Training Services

Dovelox offers targeted, specific goal-oriented trainings. Our goal is to coach and guide you towards your objectives.

There is greater success when we train with intent, therefore it is essential to determine your specific goals, and what you wish to accomplish at the end of training. Whatever your needs are, following are our training categories:

This training provides guidance on specific modules for netForum™. The aim of this training is to provide proficiency to staff on day to day operations.
Module Training
Admin Training
This training is for administrative users and covers configuration and user security topics to manipulate certain behaviours of the system. The attendees will gain experience in key setup areas.
Dovelox provides technical trainings covering the major areas where netFORUM™ could be customized. These trainings are geared towards netFORUM™ developers and users who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the system and extend the existing functionality. Technical training areas are classified as follows:
Technical Training
Data Model Training:
This training introduces you to the basic rules of netForum™ database structure and explores the relationship between tables. A prerequisite to successfully completing other technical classes.
Toolkit Training:
Toolkit is your most powerful tool to easily add or extend functionality while staying on the upgrade path. This training is designed to enhance your current Toolkit knowledge.
CMS (eWeb) Training:
eWeb is your gateway to your members. In this training we cover how to create and modify eWeb, for site and page specific content, to increase member engagement.
xWeb Training:
xWeb is netFORUM™'s XML web services application to integrate with 3rd party systems. This training is designed to show how to consume existing methods and teach how to develop your own custom methods.
Reports Training:
Using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reporting tool, this training covers developing custom reports, and publishing them on iWeb/eWeb. SSRS experience is required.
Query Tool Training:
Learn how to query your netFORUM™ data like a pro without all the geeky developer knowledge. This training is designed to show building custom queries with ease and confidence.
Code Development Training:
Welcome to netForum™ underground! This training is designed to teach coding for netFORUM™. Requires experience in Microsoft Visual Studio .Net Framework and C# programming language.