About Us


Dovelox is our word. It means doing with velocity, excitement, love, passion, honesty, and strength. Everything we do, we do with dovelox.

We are a fresh and energized group of professionals, specialized in enhancing netFORUM™ experience for its users.

We are inspired by the diversified universe of associations and nonprofits. Your commitments to your members and constituents move us. Your purpose becomes our goals, and your dreams push our abilities forward. We love to listen to your story and what you want to achieve next.


Our vision is to be the company that our clients consider a continuous-everyday-partner whom they confidently rely on to make better informed technology decisions, and to be the company that delivers clear, swift, proven and documented solutions to improve our clients' user experience.

We want to be the company that our employees find meaning and happiness in what they do everyday.


Our mission is to serve: clients, employees and environment.

Stay driven by adopting our clients’ purposes and transforming them to our own goals.

Support our employees’ personal happiness and encourage unique talents and initiatives.

Commit to preserving our communities and environment by promoting awareness in consumption of resources.


Abila netFORUM Enterprise™

The product name, netFORUM™, appearing herein is registered trademark of Abila, Inc.