Custom Solutions

Customizations / Development

Our iterative development approach is what sets us apart. You won't wait for months to see progress. The Dovelox approach is founded on the principle of frequent checkpoints to establish continuous communication. We welcome your participation and feedback throughout the development process.

We stand behind our work! It is our guarantee to support and maintain the customizations we build. When you upgrade your netFORUM™ platform, we review and recompile your customizations for version compatibility.

The principles of our iterative development approach are:

  • frequent checkpoints
  • detailed documentation
  • deployment management
  • ongoing maintenance and support



We understand when a report is needed, you need it now. Dovelox can deliver reports overnight and complex reports within a day or two.

Data is power, especially when you can put it to use. We are here to help you determine the format that is meaningful to your needs. Whether it is custom tabular data, calculated and formatted aggregated data, or a dashboard with graphics, we got you covered.

Complete this online request form and see how quickly we can deliver.

Data Conversion

Why spend hundreds of hours performing manual data entry when Dovelox can quickly import data for you.

Dovelox can help you with your one time conversions or recurring imports, such as prospect data from marketing lists, annual exhibit or event registrations.

We can also empower you by building a custom import process for you to run on demand allowing you to spend your time on more important tasks. 

Mobile App

Do you want to broaden your services via a mobile app? Dovelox can develop mobile applications that run on netForum™’s xWeb framework. Apps can take the members-only functionality to a mobile application, or enable your staff with simple yet quick access to vital areas of netForum™ such as queries and dashboard reports.

Whatever your mobile app needs are, we are here to deliver the solutions to you.