Strategic Planning

Identify your targets, determine your needs. We consult with our customers to find the best strategy that will enhance their business. This is the core area for our customers’ work plan.

Requirements Gathering

Requirements Gathering is a service best used when you have identified a need

At Dovelox, we love momentum, so when applicable, while discovering your requirements, we discuss possible solutions and directions and provide an initial requirements document overnight.

The requirement document captures the business needs discussed and offers a selection of approaches

The approach may include:

  • Baseline netFORUM™ features/Consulting
  • Training
  • Custom Development

and when applicable, an estimate for the effort involved. Collaboratively, we select the approach that fits your needs, budget and timeline.

Solution Design

Solution design, has historically been the area that has slowed organizations down from quickly getting netFORUM™ enhancements implemented. 

Dovelox takes a fresh approach to solutioning. Instead of providing hundreds of pages of documentation, we present to you visual designs and data flow diagrams, so that you can make timely informed decisions. The visuals provide the opportunity to ensure, along with close collaboration, that your needs are met without losing the momentum.

We are not rigid when additional needs are identified and work with you to prioritize them. 

Dovelox takes the guessing game out of solutioning: you have the visuals of the final functionality and the effort involved at a fixed cost.